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 Little Sandy Raceway Summer Nationals Class WInners 2019

1st place - John Smith
2nd place - Ray Urban

450lb/475cc Twin Banshee Limited Class Rules

1. ATV must be a twin-cylinder banshee motor.

2. Motor CC cannot be more than 475cc.

3. ATV and rider weight cannot be under 450lbs total.

4. ATV and rider will be weighed in just prior to starting eliminations.  After the weigh-in, the ATV and rider cannot leave the staging lanes.  

5. Each winner in the elimination rounds must come directly back to the weigh-in station and be weighed.  If bike/rider weight is under 450lbs, the rider will be disqualified and the runner up will then need to pass weigh-in to move on to the next round.  ​If a rider or their ATV does not come directly back to the weigh-in, they will be disqualified.

6. If a racer wants to challenge the size of someone's motor size, they can pay $200 for us to break the motor down and check it.  If the motor meets size requirements, the motor owner keeps the $200.  If the motor does not meet size requirements, the racer and bike will be disqualified and the racer that challenged the motor size gets to keep the $200.  

7. If the bike rider weight is under the weight requirements, they have the option to pull the bike off of the scales and check the weight again in case of a scale malfunction.

8.  Events will need to be pre-approved by Brett Sanderson in order to be included in the Top 10.  Must use a set of 4 car scales on a solid surface.  The approved delegate will be responsible for making sure the rules are followed.  Also, the delegate must sign and date the ticket that is used for the record in order for it to be good.

9. Records can only be broken in elimination rounds where weigh-ins are being done.

10. No Nitrous - No Turbo's

11. Owner/atv can only take up one list spot.  Different riders do not count as a new spot on the list.  

Pro Sand Drag Association June 2020 at Little Sandy Raceway

1st place - Brandon McCulloch
2nd place - Scott Smith Dms Powersports

 Pro Sand Drag Association Race at Sheltons Dirt Drags  2019

1st place - Justin Spires (pictured on the right)
2nd place - Michael Lee’s banshee ridden by Brandon Burchett

Pro Sand Drag Association July 2021 at West Michigan Motorsports Park

1st place - Erik Eshbaugh
2nd place - Justin Spires

Pro Sand Drag Association Cajun Nationals 2020

Northeast Louisiana Sand Drags 

1st place - John Smith

2nd place - Brandon McCulloch

Pro Sand Drag Association February 2021 at Dome Valley Raceway

1st place - Andy Seiver
2nd place - David Markle

Big thanks to the people that donated money to buy these scales:
Ricky Carroll
Rick Farmer
Kyle Wiedmayer
Dennis Ellington
Brad Ellington
Tracy Whitlock
Paul Moore
Steph Taylor
Tyler Clark
Danny Ray Sanders

Pro Sand Drag Association Moonshiner Nationals

April 2022 at Sheltons Dirt Drags

1st place - Clayton Muncy
2nd place - Timmy Orberson/Jason Cable

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