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Age: 35
From: Wisconsin
Been racing: 12 years
Work: Accounting Manager for Gold Star Mortgage
Step mom to a wonderful 3 year old girl
I like spraying nitrous on the snowmo bikes the best 😁
I’m part of Moore Racing sponsored by Nitrous Outlet, Gates and off-road vixens

Good day all, Brad Christophersen. Primarily a track racer these days, got my start with motorcycles on a Z50 & three wheelers back in the 80's as a country kid. Traveled to the Oregon dunes often as dad had several buggies, with trikes in tow. Stepped into the drag race scene around 2003 at Dunefest, an annual sandsports festival in Winchester Bay, on a 250R and followed to the dirt tracks here in Oregon shortly after. Got into pictures and primarily video watching bikes make passes and analyzing the launches. When I'm not jockeying for JDI Racing, I get most of my videos out on the track as close to the bikes as I can get, often in slomo settings. My home track is Albany, Oregon, with an annual trip to Bako Sand Drags every spring, mixing in Riddle, Oregon track too. Many of you know me from the bike I call DeathTrap (DT). See you at the track, let's have some fun!!

Chris Rodriguez

Steph Taylor

Ricky Thorpe

Kyle Wiedmayer


Danny Ray


Kenneth Andre


I'm from West Michigan, my home track is West Michigan Sand Dragway where I have been racing since I was 11 years old. Currently I race a 774cc Twin Banshee DM and I also own the current PSDA 425cc Twin Limited Drag bike (as of 2019). I like to travel and have fun at the tracks across the country with my friends and maybe drink a few beers as well!



Age: 44
From: Dumas, TX
Been racing: 35 years
Work at: Systems Transportation
Race for: ASD: Amarillo Sand Drags
Home Track: ASD/Canadian River and Atoka

Age: 40
Married to my beautiful wife Stacy for 18 years.
No kids but have a 2 year old Moyen Poodle named Milly
Born in Horse Cave Kentucky, reside in Munfordville, Kentucky
Been racing & riding since I was old enough to ride.
Work: Industrial Maintenance @ sauce and dressing factory
Race : full plastic banshee #saltshaker DudHud member
Home Track: Sheltons

Jeff Tomlin

Hello, my name is Jeff Tomlin. My family and I have been racing at Slades Park in Surry Va. for 15 years.  We sometimes visit our friends at Mountaineer MC. in August W Va., Newtown Dragway in Newtown Va., Busco Beach In Goldsboro Nc. and last but not least Lumber River Sand Drags In North Carolina. I competed many years myself and as you can tell my interest has turned to Photography. Being with family and friends is most important to me and sharing my pictures and my love for the sport of dirt drags to the world.  

Check out the folks below that are a part of the team.  Either they are helping admin the Facebook page and group, taking pictures at the tracks, doing live feeds at the big events or just helping promote our sport!!  The below people are who I rely on to let me know what we need to do to keep ATVDragRacer on top!   

​Thanks, Brett Sanderson (owner)

Hi my name is Terrell and am 35 years old.  I am from Virginia but reside in Kentucky.  I have been racing for 19 years.  I currently work at the Bourbon Distillery and also Newtown Dragway. Teams that I race for are Hafley Bros Racing (is main squeeze) but also Team Hustler, HBR and few others i help out when needed. My home tracks I race at are Newtown Dragway/Sheltons. 

My name is Juli Moore. Not only am I photographer but a rider and a racer. I started riding when I was 3 and drag racing cars when I was 14. I have only been racing bikes since 2010. My husband Branden Moore and I live in Oregon and cover tracks along the West coast. I’m basically here to take pictures, make calendars and fix sandwiches.  Come check out my website at or check my Facebook page out at